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  • Overcome Vulnerabilities in Your Forensic Process
  • Advanced Social Media Investigations
  • Forensic Analysis of Fake OSINT Media
  • Triage Forensics: Finding Your Evidence Quickly
  • Smartphone App Analysis: Uncovering Parsed & Unparsed Data
  • The Importance of Going Beyond the Button: A look at data carving & exif data
  • And more!


Kevin DeLong

Kevin DeLong, Cyber Social Hub

Matt Danner, Monolith Forensics

Justin Tolman, Exterro

Jeff Shackelford, OS Forensics

Chet Hosmer, SilentSignals

Trey Amick, Magnet Forensics

Amber Schroader, Paraben Corp.

Cynthia Hetherington, Hetherington Group

Mike Raggo, SilentSignals

Jared Ringenberg, ArcPoint Forensics

Kevin Kyono, MSAB

Teagan Kavanagh, Ace Computers


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