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Posting technology issues on main stream social media can be like launching them in to deep space, never to be seen, engaged with, or answered.

We understand your frustration. As technology researchers ourselves, we know collaborating with other professionals is essential to keeping up with latest trends and best practices.

Join a social community focused on IT professionals & investigators just like you, where your posts are never lost by cats memes.

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A network of like minded professionals in topic specific groups and contributing to the answers you need to further add to your skills and advance your career.


Reach other professionals with similar issues and interests. Network with others in your field.

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Join existing groups or create your own. Have meaningful conversations related to your specific interest.

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Webinars and classes from various tech topics. Have your created a class? Launch it right here.

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We are a community of IT, cybersecurity, digital forensic, legal technology, and anyone interested in learning how digital devices store, transmit, and secure data.

No. We are professionals sharing better ways to secure data and information. These techniques may reveal unsecure methods.

No! We will never sell or share your information with third parties.  We will occasionally send emails on their behalf and you can always opt out of any emails you do not want to receive.

FREE! Membership in CSH doesn’t cost anything.

Simple! Just contacts us and let us know if you wish to monetize or give-away your course and we will work with you to get it all set up.

Hub Casts

Join in the conversation as we speak to industry leaders and get their take on the latest happenings in our “Hub Cast” community chats. Occasionally there’s sci-fi randomness and plenty of nerd topics.

Message from Kevin

"I have searched for a long time for a place where technology professionals exchange ideas, research, and best practices. I never found one, so I build Cyber Social Hub to be a true cybersecurity and technology "hub" to socialize and talk about the topics that concern us most. Let's face it, we all need help and advice."
Kevin DeLong

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