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Preparing Your Incident Response Team for Cyber Resilience

With 74% of CEOs expressing concern over their capability to manage cyber threats, and 96% recognizing the critical role of
cybersecurity in growth and stability, the question of cyber resilience has never been more pressing. This comprehensive whitepaper guides you through a multi-layered approach to enhance your organization’s resilience.

5 Pieces of Information
to Look for in an Email Investigation

Know exactly where to start in your email investigations. This eBook shows you the five most important pieces of information to look at in emails, so you can quickly narrow down your search and find the most relevant information. 

5 Things You're Doing Wrong In Your Digital Forensics Lab

Are you making mistakes that are costing your lab time and money? This eBook identifies five common mistakes digital forensics labs make and provides simple tips for how to fix them.

OSINT Analysis of the Ukrainian War

OSINT has become a viable and unique way to gather intelligence about global conflicts such as the Ukrainian War. In this research we focus on using Twitter and GEO-OSINT analysis to capture tweets, images and videos coming in from regions in the Ukraine being targeted by Russia.