Cyber Social Hub 2022

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Happy New Year everyone. I know this might be a little late but 2022 didn’t necessarily start out as glamorous as everyone had hoped. The COVID-19 pandemic is still around and it hit my household at the end of Dec 2021. Everyone is healthy again and our thoughts go out to everyone who is struggling or has a family member struggling with this virus. 

Also, as I type these words it’s snowing and it looks like about a foot of snow is on the ground. If you know me, I’m not a fan of snow or any weather below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. My thoughts are…  If I miss snow, I can always turn on a 4K TV to see it, not experience it 🙂 

Let’s talk about Cyber Social Hub…

This past year, Cyber Social Hub has grown faster than expected. The community more than doubled in size and we are on track to grow even faster this year! This growth put a slight pause on some of the items we had planned, so we turned our focus to hardware scalability. Boring…  but it was needed for everyone’s experience to be a good one within the community.

This year we are back on track. 

I want to mention all of our awesome sponsors who have been a part of Cyber Social Hub and the new ones joining the community. They will be providing free webinars and events to help you keep up-to-date on the latest techniques and trends in the digital investigation space. If it weren’t for the makers of our software, we would be poking around at the hex level and manually parsing data. Does anyone like converting BASE64 to HEX…. not me…. If there is a talk or subject you would like to hear, please let me know.  Just message me directly in Cyber Social Hub @kevindelong

Also this year Cyber Social Hub is getting a little bit of a facelift. Not the desktop version that everyone is using currently. We are deploying a mobile app that will be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android in either March or April. We are really excited about the new application as it will allow new functionality for Cyber Social Hub at events and viewing all the content better on your mobile device. We will let everyone know really soon when you can download the apps.

Another big change planned for 2022 is the incorporation of digital investigation training with the inclusion of a new online classroom feature. The system is able to deliver high quality videos, documents and certifications all right inside your existing account in Cyber Social Hub! I know this is something some of you may have heard of last year, but this year, it is a reality. We are partnering with some of the top training providers to deliver an experience that is unmatched in a digital investigation mobile app. We are very excited to deploy this feature later this year.

Finally, we are taking Cyber Social Hub on the road. We plan on being at as many digital investigation conferences as our budget will allow. We hope to meet each of you and hear about your needs in digital investigations and how we can help make your job easier. Oh, we have a ton of free “swag” too… What swag, you ask? You will have to come find us at one of the many Digital Investigation events we plan on attending. For those of you who can’t attend an event this year, we plan on creating an online raffle so you can still receive your free CSH swag 🙂

I hope each of you had a great New Years and we hope to meet you all very soon!

– Kevin

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