Exterro Launches Global Training Academy

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Exterro today announced the launch of its new Training Academy that will manage a combination of in-person, on-demand, and live virtual training courses for its entire suite of Legal GRC products. The Academy is run by a dedicated team of experienced employees whose mission is to train new customers on their set up and use of Exterro software as well as current customers who need and/or want to receive ongoing education on the features and functionality of their existing Exterro technology.

The main purpose of the Academy is to provide a complete customer experience journey so users can fully embrace and utilize all the core functionality of their respective Exterro products. As part of the rollout of the new Training Academy, Exterro’s new offices in Frisco, Texas, and Covent Garden, London, England, will offer in-person training beginning April 1, 2022. Customers will also have the option to receive the same high-quality training in a live online environment as well as on-demand recordings of the training via the company’s website. Additionally, Exterro utilizes a number of approved training partners dedicated to delivering training across a variety of languages.

“One of the unique and value-added services we bring to the table at Exterro is offering product-specific training programs led by an experienced training team to help educate new and existing customers around the globe,” said Bobby Balachandran, CEO and co-founder of Exterro. “Our Training Academy is just the latest in a series of advancements we’re making as we grow our Legal GRC business globally to meet exponential demand for our software. With our growth also comes responsibility, and we remain a steadfast partner in our customers’ success by not only providing them with the latest Legal GRC software but also the training necessary to ensure they’re maximizing the product’s capabilities.”

As part of Exterro Academy’s varied training program, Exterro will offer a breakthrough concept in immersive, interactive and personalized classes and workshops. Importantly, Exterro also recognizes the need for the delivery of knowledge in the underlying concepts of subjects such as E-Discovery, Privacy and Digital Forensics and in conjunction with carefully chosen partners who aim to deliver training beyond the scope of just software tools. Moreover, Exterro will be reaching out not only to direct users but also to individuals in customer organizations who may need additional training in Exterro’s technology to help achieve their strategic goals. Click here for additional details about the Exterro Training Academy, along with costs and its list of in-Person, on-Demand and live training courses.

This article was written by Exterro and was originally posted on its blog at this link: https://www.exterro.com/blog/exterro-launches-global-training-academy

About Exterro:

Exterro, the preferred provider of Legal GRC software acquired AccessData, the industry’s leading provider of digital forensic investigation technology. The acquisition furthers Exterro’s vision of empowering customers to proactively and defensibly manage their legal governance, risk and compliance obligations while maintaining and ensuring the highest levels of data integrity.

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