Cytactic Snags $16M Seed Funding for Cyber Crisis Management Technology

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Israeli startup Cytactic has attracted $16 million in seed-stage capital to build what is being described as a “cyber crisis readiness and management” platform.

The Tel Aviv company said the hefty seed round was led by Evolution Equity Partners, an investment firm focused on making bets in the cybersecurity market.

Not much is known about the Cytactic’s product plans beyond language on its website that promotes “an automated, data-driven and holistic solution to boost your readiness, response and recovery.”

In a note announcing the funding, Cytactic said it is working on new technology to help businesses manage security crises like breaches, ransomware infections and supply chain attacks.

The company has ambitious plans to figure out a new approach that integrates cyber crisis preparation, response management, and recovery into a unified, user-friendly platform accessible to all relevant roles and market sectors. 

The company said the Cytactic product would empower organizations to handle a cyber crisis with a simplified, orchestrated, step-by-step methodology involving all relevant stakeholders and roles.

Cytactic is the brainchild of former venture capitalist Nimrod Kozlovski.

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