Cybersecurity M&A Roundup: 27 Deals Announced in March 2024

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Twenty-seven cybersecurity-related merger and acquisition (M&A) deals were announced in March 2024.

An analysis conducted by SecurityWeek shows that more than 400 cybersecurity M&A deals were announced in 2023, with a drop seen in both volume and disclosed deal value.  

Here is a list of the most important cybersecurity M&A deals announced in March 2024:

Airbus acquires Infodas

Airbus Defence and Space is acquiring Infodas, a Germany-based company that provides cybersecurity and other IT solutions. Airbus said the deal enables it to strengthen its cybersecurity portfolio. 

AUCloud acquires PCG Cyber, Venn IT and Arado

AUCloud, an Australian company providing cloud and cybersecurity solutions to the country’s government, has announced three cybersecurity-focused acquisitions. It acquired government cybersecurity consultancy PCG Cyber for $10 million, and MSPs Venn IT and Arado for roughly $4 million each. The deals enable AUCloud to enhance its capabilities. 

BlueCyber acquires ISMAC

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Cyber insurance company BlueCyber has acquired ISMAC after raising $1.5 million in funding from two venture capital firms and other investors. ISMAC provides log management, detection and response, and compliance solutions, and its offering will enable BlueCyber to boost its capabilities. 

CrowdStrike acquires Flow Security

CrowdStrike has announced plans to acquire Flow Security, a cloud data runtime security solutions firm, reportedly for $200 million. CrowdStrike wants to enhance its cloud security capabilities and offer protection for data in motion and at rest for both endpoint and cloud environments.

Cloudflare acquires Nefeli Networks

Web performance and security firm Cloudflare has purchased multicloud networking (MCN) startup Nefeli Networks and has used its technology to launch a new product called Magic Cloud Networking, which enables Cloudflare to help businesses discover, connect, and protect any private or public cloud environment.

Cycode acquires Bearer

Israeli application security posture management (ASPM) firm Cycode has acquired application security testing company Bearer, reportedly for roughly $10 million. Cycode will combine Bearer’s SAST, API discovery, and data leak protection solution to extend its ASPM platform.

F5 acquires Heyhack

F5 has added automated reconnaissance and penetration testing capabilities to its distributed cloud services following the acquisition of Denmark-based Heyhack. The new capabilities enable customers to discover vulnerabilities in their web applications and obtain recommendations for web application firewall rules and other remediations.

Flare acquires Foretrace

Threat intelligence and attack surface management firm Flare has acquired Foretrace, a data exposure company known for its threat exposure management engine. The deal is believed to be among the first M&As in the threat exposure management space.

FluidOne acquires SureCloud Cyber Services 

The cyber division of connected cloud solutions firm FluidOne, Cyber Security Associates (CSA), has acquired SureCloud Cyber Services, a UK-based company specializing in penetration testing and cyber risk consulting. The deal enables CSA to enhance its services and provide a more comprehensive range of cybersecurity solutions. 

GitLab acquires Oxeye

DevSecOps company GitLab has announced buying Israel-based application security firm Oxeye, reportedly for $30-40 million. Oxeye helps GitLab accelerate its static application security testing (SAST) capabilities and augment software composition analysis and compliance tools.

Hornetsecurity acquires Vade

Cloud security and compliance SaaS provider Hornetsecurity Group announced the acquisition of Vade, a French company specializing in email security. Hornetsecurity said the deal enables it to expand its offering and its footprint. 

JumpCloud acquires Resmo

JumpCloud has acquired Resmo, an asset management and SaaS security solutions firm. The deal enables JumpCloud to expand its platform to discover, manage, and control IT assets for secure and streamlined user provisioning, access request management, and utilization monitoring. 

Zscaler acquires Avalor

Cloud security company Zscaler has acquired Avalor, an Israeli startup that provides a risk management platform powered by what it calls Data Fabric for Security. Zscaler reportedly paid $350 million for Avalor. 

Other cybersecurity M&A deals announced in March 2024: 

Air IT acquires SCS Technology Solutions

American Technology Services acquires Cyber Defense International 

Ark Technology Consultants acquires 5S Technologies

ByteBridge acquires SecureLake

Bridewell acquires Arculus Cyber Security

Exclusive Networks acquires NEXTGEN Group

Fscom acquires FMConsult

Gcore acquires StackPath’s web application and API protection (WAAP) solution

SHI International acquires Moot

Synopsys acquires Intrinsic ID

The 20 MSP acquires Accurate Computer Solutions (ACS) and Blue Cactus Consulting

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