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#DFIR Mixology

Let’s talk digital forensics and booze! Join Kevin from Cyber Social Hub for a conversation with Dave Ryberg of Truxton Forensics about ways to analyze all your forensics data in one place. Plus learn how to mix a delicious cocktail (recipe included) 🙂

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Who cut the #DFIR cheese?

Join Kevin of Cyber Social Hub & Amber Schroader, CEO of Paraben Corporation as they discuss tips and tricks in Digital Forensics & Incident Response. Ask questions, join the conversation, and learn as Amber shares her very first experience of making actual cheese :). Remember, these are fun! See you in the conversation!

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Grants for Mobile Forensics

Join Kevin from Cyber Social Hub as he speaks with Jeremy Kirby of Susteen, makers of DATAPILOT 10 as they discuss some of the benefits of collecting mobile data in the field for your investigations.

Jeremy will also make available to attendee’s, a grant from Susteen to help get you started with the training and hardware you need to get started.

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