Have Different Passwords | Why you should use different passwords?

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-Why you should use different passwords?
-Have Different Passwords
-The Importance of Using Different Passwords
The average internet user is far more tech-savvy than they used to be. But as users are getting more sophisticated, hackers are too. It’s increasingly difficult to stay one step ahead of the hackers and keep your online accounts secure. Working from home has made this more apparent. For this reason, it’s vital to learn how to create passwords that are strong enough to resist hacking attacks.
Hackers know how lazy we are with our passwords and they take advantage of that. Most hackers have lists of over a billion common or easy passwords that they can run through to hack your accounts. All of your private information is less than a few minutes away from a hacker if your password is easy to guess or if it’s used by many people.

If you want to keep your information safe, experts suggest that you should make a different password for every account. There are many free apps and free websites online that create randomized passwords for you instantly. These randomized passwords are long and nearly impossible to remember, so many people don’t like having them, but they are the only way to keep your password from being hacked. One tip for having random passwords generated is to create a secure online list or even write out a physical list with all of your passwords so that you can find them easily without having to memorize them.

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