Cyber Social Con


Wednesday, December 9th

Dec 9th @ 11am EST

Smartphone Forensics Next Generation

Smartphones are always evolving and keeping up on that evolution is not only difficult but can be the reason that makes or breaks an examination. This session will go through what is changing with both Android and iOS and what tactics can be used to improve the results of your examination as well as what pitfalls to look out for. It will also discuss when smartphone data can provide a new perspective on other types of investigations and examinations. Learning Objectives: Firmware security issue identification, Cross-linking of smartphone as integrating hubs, Available forensic data from smartphones

Amber Schroader
CEO of Paraben Corp

Dec 9th @ 1pm EST

iOS Security & Digital Forensics

A dive into The iPhone Secure Enclave Processor (it’s very black-box so next-to-no information outside of Apple), and the current ‘technical’ state of iOS Security, talking around the per-file/hybrid encryption concepts applied in iOS.

James Duffy
Author, iOS Researcher

Dec 9th @ 3pm EST

The Rewrite of the SOP and Why It Is Needed

Digital Forensics has changed “The Rewrite of the SOP and why it is needed” New Tech, means New Solutions!

Steven Stinchcomb

Thursday, December 10th

Dec 10th @ 11am EST

Media Analysis of Fake News

In this session we’ll focus on the media aspects of disinformation campaigns with deep analysis of altered images, audio, and video to uncover methods used to twist narratives and mislead perceptions surrounding topical news stories. We’ll dive into the taxonomy of fake photos, deepfakes, phishing audio fraud attacks, fake rallies, narrative laundering, nation state fake intelligence. and media generated to inspire mass hysteria. We’ll then further categorize these threats by their TTPs and provide methods for enhancing detection and response strategies. Real world examples will be demonstrated to provide deep and tangible insights into this systemic problem.

Mike Raggo & Chet Hosmer
Silent Signals

Dec 10th @ 1pm EST

Investigative Challenges Surrounding 3rd Party Mobile Applications

Device users are no longer relying on default applications to communicate, often migrating to 3rd party applications with additional features. Unfortunately, these same types of applications are used by actors involved in criminal investigations to encrypt and obfuscate their activities. In this webinar, we will discuss modern approaches to digital forensics that enable you to achieve same-day results (often within hours), extract more data from locked and encrypted mobile devices – including decryption methods for third party applications, secure critical evidence that is admissible and discoverable, and greatly accelerate investigations.

David Smalley

Dec 10th @ 3pm EST

Digital Forensics in the Cloud

Learn how to move your digital forensics lab to the cloud. This talk will cover evidence processing in the cloud, how to collaborate remotely on an investigation, and how to leverage Azure Cognitive Services like OCR, object and facial recognition, and translation.

Dave Ryberg
Truxton Forensics