Cyber Social Hub version 2.0

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Why did we change to a new platform??? I personally have experienced increased frustration with the company that coded the last platform CSH was based on. Updates were slow, support was days away and anyone that knows me understands that service in today’s market is essential.

One of the biggest issues was the lack of notifications to users when someone sent a private message, etc. We feel this new experience is not only more pleasing to look at and use, but it encourages community. This is the entire reason I created CSH

Unfortunately all the username and passwords could not be ported over, luckily we made this decision early before too much content was added. Another bummer…. we lost Tetris…. grrrr. I will work on replacing that one 🙂

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message me directly in CSH and I will get back to you (as I get notifications now).

Here is my profile link.

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