Forensic Friday – [05/26/23]

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Welcome to our weekly discussion thread about forensic science!

Forensic Scientists and Professionals! What’s going on this week?

Use any of the following as a prompt if you need to

  • What do you do?

  • What kind of work are you doing?

  • Are you doing any new kinds of analyses?

  • What is your work week like?

  • Do you have crazy stories from the field/lab? Tell us!

Remember! Don’t reveal identifying info on decedents or victims. Change names or use nicknames if you must.

Students! How’s school?

Use any one of the following as a prompt if you need to

  • What degree are you pursuing?

  • What are you learning about?

  • Have you learned something new and/or exciting?

  • Are you involved in research?

  • Is there anything about the field you’d like to know?

Remember! Don’t ask us to do your homework or assignments for you. We did the work and you have to do it too.

If you are asking for education or employment advice, please read our subreddit guide first and then look at our resources in the sidebar. If what we have doesn’t address your needs, you can ask us a question here! Let us know where you are and which country or countries you’re considering for school.

Don’t know where to start when it comes to schools, programs, or degrees? Take a look at our subreddit wiki for a good rundown of what you should look out for.

Confused by all the job titles, requirements, and worried about things like starting salary? Please take a look at this collection of posts from u/Cdub919, one of our verified forensics members.

Have questions for someone working in the field? Take a look at our list of verified forensics professionals. They are frequently tagged in comments and posts when mods or other community members see that their expertise is needed. You might reach out to them in a private message or chat if you need their help. Please be respectful of their time and advice and don’t harass anybody for a response.

Title Description Day Frequency
Education Questions Roundup Education questions and advice for students, graduates, enthusiasts, anyone interested in forensics Monday Weekly
Off-Topic Tuesday General discussion, free-for-all thread; forensics topics also allowed Tuesday Weekly
Ask a Forensic Scientist School surveys, “what’s it like being a forensic scientist” questions, “is this the right career for me” questions, etc. Thursday Weekly
Forensic Friday Forensic science discussion (work, school), forensics questions, education, employment advice also allowed Friday Weekly

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