Digital Investigation Conference News for 2022

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Conference season is coming! Do you plan to attend any this year? I would be interested in learning what you feel is the best conference in digital investigations.

Cyber Social Hub is traveling the conference circuit this year and we are hoping to see you at an event in person. We are stocked up on useful swag (no crappy pens that leak). If you see us at an event, please come up and say “hi” and get some free stuff. If you are not a member of CSH, you can sign up right there. Hey, it’s free! Register!

Another exciting part of the conference season is we are taking HubCasts on the road!! Yes, our “wanna-be late-night” digital investigation talk show (aka podcast) that takes place during the day is traveling! Our first confirmed live broadcast on location is at Techno Security in Myrtle Beach May 9-12th! We will have an area set up right near registration. A HUGE “Thank You” to the Techno Security staff and organizers for giving us this awesome opportunity!

Lastly, if you are interested in appearing on a HubCast (traveling or standard edition), please drop me an email and get something set up. We are always looking for victims… err Guests for the show. Just contact me, Kevin DeLong at Kevin @, and set a time for us to discuss your topic.

-Kevin DeLong, Founder of Cyber Social Hub

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